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Content Marketing Satisfaction

June 13, 2013

Remember when Times Square was dangerous? Well, maybe not, but there was a time when it was scary and smelly and seedy. Of course, that was before there was a “Toys ‘R Us” and an “M&M’s” store there. I saw the latter Times Square version of the Rolling Stones last night, as did many others in a wide 5 to 75 demographic. My favorite people watching moment was out in the brightly lit hallway before the show when I heard a 40 something guy holding a giant popcorn and Coke say to a lost-looking 60ish woman, “Hey mom, I think it’s this way.” Yeah, it was more like going to a Disney on Ice show than a rock show, but it is a 50th anniversary tour. That’s nostalgic by definition. The band knows who they’re playing to, and their content (mostly just the biggest hit songs) reflects it. Put that band in a small club with hardcore fans and a different set list, and the experience would be quite different.

Speaking of demographics, here’s my poll results, and a non-scientific sampling of who you all are:

WorkingSmarterCafe Blog Readers

For the sake of easy math in my head (a 3OT Boston Bruins loss kept me up till 2AM…), let’s say this blog draws 100 viewers a day. It doesn’t, but stay with me… That means 10 Kronos customers read something here every day. To me though, the 37 and ½ daily Kronos employee visitors are just as important. Why? They are the people who actually deliver the Kronos experience to our customers. This content marketing thing I do puts some (hopefully) authentic story context around our services, and helps our employees understand all the ways we can help customers. So, when I drone on and on like an endless loop of “Get On To My Cloud,” I’m writing to both external (customer) and internal (customer-facing employees) audiences…

Oh, and my Mom’s, Joyce’s, family, stalkers, and others… I hope they can get some satisfaction out of the content, too.

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