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Kronos Beauty Talk Beta!

June 7, 2013

OK, it’s Friday, and I need to lighten things up a bit while I watch the hourglass waiting for the puck to drop. Anyway, yesterday I attended a presentation by Lithium Technologies, the same folks that hosted a great webinar on social engagement and communities last week. Some of Lithium’s reference customers have great stories to tell, and Sephora is a beautiful one! Some of Sephora’s best customer advocates spend up to 33 hours a month on their community site! That degree of customer engagement is incredibly valuable to a brand, and it has me taking action! Now, it’s just in beta, but I think “Kronos Beauty Talk” is a brilliant re-branding of this blog that will drive community participation and customer engagement. Take a look:

Kronos Beautytalk

Again, it’s just a beta site, but I do want to answer the exploding community questions:

BurninLuv asks, “My friend says his Rogaine just isn’t working. Does KnowledgePass have any application tips?”
Thanks for being a KnowledgePass user, Burnin’, and sorry about your “friend.” While we have hundreds of Job Aids, 3 Minute How-To’s, and Tutorials on many Kronos products, we’re a little thin up top on “How to Use Rogaine.” Sorry.

(Work)Joyce asks, “My husband manages a huge IT shop, including Kronos, and I never see him. Should I color my hair?”
No! Of course not, (Work)Joyce. You’re a mature and beautiful woman, I just didn’t realize you were a hippie in college. As for your husband, tell him about our cloud services. We can take care of his Kronos system, so he can focus on more “strategic initiatives,” if you get my meaning…

GetOffMyCloud asks, “Dude, check out my screen name. It’s a Stones tune. Get it? Btw, anyone got tix?”
Um, Dude… Is this Lebowski again? Anyway, yeah, I grabbed 2 in the loge at the Boston Garden next Wednesday. Just keep checking Ticketmaster. Good ducats keep dropping. Oh, and your screen name is cool b/c it’s got “Cloud” in it. It shows you’re hip, Dude.

Will I be more beautiful in the cloud?
Of course you will.

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