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Learning from the X’s and O’s

June 4, 2013

Man drawing a game strategyEvery time I get together with old buddies from high school, the talk inevitably turns to the dissection of football games from our “glory days.” One that lingers for me is a film session after a miserable game where my failure to execute led to a blocked punt, a touchdown, and a loss for the visiting 11 Wakefield Warriors. To make a long high school football story short, I had an abscessed tooth throbbing in my head that rainy afternoon, so instead of sticking my head into the onrushing opponent, I flipped my right elbow out in a weak effort to impede his path to our punter. It didn’t, and so replay after replay after replay of my weak “chicken wing” effort flickered across the monochrome screen in out post-mortem film session.

Kronos Omega NorthFace Award 2012Watching films was fun after a win, but a slasher flick squirm-fest after an ugly loss. The point of a film session is to learn down to the X’s and O’s… the good and the bad about your performance, so that future efforts could reflect improvement. The same is true for Kronos sales and service… We invest in asking our customers about their experiences so that we can continuously improve, and deliver the experience our customers expect.

We even survey prospects on sales we lose. Sure, voice of the customer “film sessions” after losses can be horror flicks, but we learn from those, too. We actually learn more from losses than victories, and we always remember to never, ever throw a lame “chicken-wing” block again.

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