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Build Your Social Network without Technology

May 31, 2013

Yesterday I attended Get Serious About Social Customer Engagement, a fantastic webinar with Dr. Michael Wu, chief scientist at Lithium. While most webinars I attend are lipstick on a sales pitch, this one delivered fascinating and valuable content for me and many others, several who participated in a tweetchat during the event. A few of them are now social connections…


via Mashable Comics
Written by @Matt_Silverman
Illustrated by Kiersten Essenpreis

Social networks are not new, and are not based on technology. Dr. Wu used some humorous cartoons to illustrate. He also spent time drawing distinction between social networks and community. A tweet summarized this nicely: “Social networks are based on interpersonal relationships. Communities are based on shared interests.” In a business environment, the cool thing is these worlds overlap, and at non-virtual events, they collide in a beautiful mashup of name tags, donuts, and PowerPoint’s. So next week, Kronos is holding three more (Columbus, Phoenix, Chicago) of our KronosLive events where you can do both: build your interpersonal relationships, and do it in a community of shared interest. In other words, you’ll meet people with roles and challenges like your own, and collectively figure out how to solve them. Oh, and you might just find some Facebook friends.

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