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Stewardship’s 15 minutes?

May 30, 2013

Andy Warhol 15 Minutes Eternal Exhibition EntranceYesterday I heard or read “stewardship” from two different corporate sources. I think that officially made it a term we need to run into the ground. I’ve already gone off on the corporate cliché kool-aid thing, so I won’t again here. Plus, I do believe corporate responsibility and community service are no-brainers, even before they had buzzwords like “stewardship” and “giving back” to describe them. Here’s a good definition of the former:

“Good corporate stewardship is about the wise use and care for resources to benefit communities, businesses, countries, and the world. Businesses show corporate stewardship when they use their power in the community to improve the lives of other people. Some businesses do this through sponsoring community events, or by setting up a foundation to assist community projects.”

Anyway, since I am the steward of this blog, and I support um, giving back, this stewardship Warhol moment allows me to remind you the Martini Spring Fling (sponsored by Kronos and other cool corporate stewardship types) to support kids through Summer Experiences in Greater Lowell is two weeks from tonight! It’s a fun event where your stewarding will be comprised of drinking martini’s, mingling with other stewards, and bidding on cool silent auction items like Kate Spade handbags (because one isn’t enough), a Kindle Fire, an iPad mini, dinner at Salvatore’s, a Cape Cod Getaway, Golf for four, Red Sox tickets, Catering Services, Family Pack bowling for six and much more!

Your humble correspondent will be there to support his favorite corporate steward, (Play)Joyce, and I hope to see some of you New England stewards there, too.

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