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Need Kronos Training? “It’s in there.”

May 21, 2013

canned-marinara-sauceLet me admit right up front, I use pasta sauce, or “gravy” as my mother calls it from a jar. I can make it from scratch, but why bother? Anyway, the title of this post is from an 80’s commercial for a national brand of sauce in a jar. Can you name it?

Yesterday I heard the tale of a customer looking for Workforce Record Manager training. Record Manager™ is a “comprehensive, powerful promote-to-production and data retention application that helps IT organizations meet their database management objectives.” Translated into non-marketing speak, it’s data archiving software for Workforce Central. Upon further review, we determined our customer was a subscriber to KnowledgePass, and the training… It’s in there:

Workforce Record Manager 6.x

  • Tutorial WRM 6.x Copying Set Up Data Resource
  • Tutorial WRM 6.x Archiving Production Data Resource
  • Tutorial WRM 6.x Configuring Record Retention Policies SCORM/AICC

It occurred to me that there’s quite a bit of content “in there” that customers and Klingons Kronites alike are unaware of, so I did some digging. There is a TON of great content in KnowledgePass. Here’s a raw report example of what’s available just for Workforce Scheduler 6.3, and most of the concepts are presented in easy to consume “3 Minute How-To’s.”

If you’re planning an upgrade, are on-boarding new hires, or just need some refresher training, check out KnowledgePass. It’s in there.

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