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No Klingons on Kronos!

May 20, 2013

I’m really upset. Saturday night I was at the movies, obliterating a 32 gallon popcorn with my son when my company is smeared all over the big screen in Star Trek Into Darkness! So, without revealing any spoilers, since when is Kronos, or Qo’noS as they cleverly try to disguise it, “a place we just can’t go” for the Starfleet Command? Hell, they use Workforce Central in our cloud! And what’s up with the “Kronos is full of Klingons” reference? (As a side note, I prefer “Klingon” to “Kronite.” Kronite sounds like some kind of dense rock.) Anyway … When the Starfleet Command “archive” gets blown up by the bad guy, do you recall any discussion of lost data? No! Of course not, because all that data was backed up in the Kronos cloud. It’s just a coincidence that Klingons are known for redundancy.

Let me be blunt: There are no Klingons here, and Kronos is not some dark, unsavory place. Our halls are bright and colorful, and Kronos was  just recognized as a “Best Place to Work” by the Boston Business Journal. See? The movie references are all LIES!!! And one other thing… SPOILER ALERT: Shortly after Bones spits the best line of the movie, “Dammit Jim, I’m a doctor, not a torpedo mechanic,” 72 ultra advanced photon torpedoes are detonated on the bad guy’s ship, yet later he’s able to crash it into futuristic San Francisco??? How “advanced” could those things have been? There. I feel better.

In other news, here’s my new corporate “head shot.” I think it came out great!

Leo Klingon

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