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Won’t you let me in, integration man?

May 15, 2013

WIM WebinarLast night I finished the sequel/prequel to the indie sci-fi novel, Wool by Hugh Howey. Wool, the dystopian story of a community living in a giant underground silo still grips me, and probably will until the movie comes out and ruins all the internal imagery data I’ve stored in my silo… In business, the term “silo” has bad connotations usually around concepts like separate and inaccessible, whether the silo contains data or people. Where there are silos, there’s usually a lack of connectivity between them. Oh, silos can be funny, too. During a presentation I attended by Jim Bampos, VP Total Customer Experience at EMC, he said don’t think of them as silos, but as “Cylinders of Excellence!”

Anyway, when silos contain people, improvement efforts are around “alignment…” Alignment between Marketing and Sales or between Sales and Service. When it’s data in silos, integration is often the solution, especially now with the proliferation of cloud computing. Here are some recent articles definitely worth reading:

For Kronos Workforce Central customers, Workforce Integration Manager is a tool for building integrations to and from their Kronos system, whether in our cloud or not. Two obvious examples are Kronos time data to Payroll and HR people data to Kronos. There are many others… If you’d like to know more, we’ve got a webinar coming up on May 21st at 2 p.m. ET.

integration webinar

Won’t you let me in, integration man? There’s always a song in my silo.

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