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On Giant Godzilla Legs

May 2, 2013

20130502-151130.jpg(Play)Joyce are sitting comfortably on the Acela Express in Penn Station, free wi-fi flowing bits and bytes of bloglines from me to you. I’m sorry to say I didn’t think too much about technology or services during this trip, but there is one technology experience I have to share. While I got plenty of walking exercise in both the chrome canyons and in greening Central Park, the Precor AMT® 100iAdaptive Motion Trainer® is the coolest piece of fitness equipment I’ve ever stepped on.

“Adaptive” is the key word here. The range of motion is amazing, stretching from a pure up and down step to an elongated stride that made me feel like Buzz Aldrin galloping across the surface of the moon. One comment I read online suggested the feel is like you’re controlling “giant Godzilla legs.” It was way cool and a great workout. Hey, I ate like Godzilla, so some calories had to go. So, what does this have to do with Kronos or technology services? Well, I need to keep working and saving so I can buy a 100i for the man-cave. They’re $8,500…

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