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The Big Apple with Google Glass!

April 29, 2013

OK, not really. I don’t have the awesomeness of augmentation adorning my head, but my ADD does a good job augmenting reality, anyway. For example, this picture depicts a lovely lunch with (Play)Joyce, and all the glorious data my mushy processor was delivering during it.
20130429-103610.jpgThat’s what I’ll be bringing you this week from NYC. As you may recall from a previous episode, Joyce of Play is an engaged employee, and this is the week of her company-sponsored Big Apple shindig along with 12 peers from locations around the planet. I’m here as her adoring partner and to carry her bags.

Anyway, even though I’m officially “on holiday” (again), I will selflessly document the trip for you from behind “Leo Glass,” my Galaxy Nexus. I will find the unusual technology angles lurking in Gotham, and report them to you… of course with my usual augmentation of reality. For example, right now I’m sitting on the Hogwarts Express to Penn Station, a locomotive with dementors, free wi-fi and… outlets!

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