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Kronos: We’ll Do it Live!

April 26, 2013

we'll do it liveOh, that epic meltdown years ago by Bill O’Reilly during a taping of “Inside Edition” always makes me smile. Hey, live events create risk because they’re, well, live, and they involve people. Whether a concert, play, or even a seminar, staging a live event real-time invites mistakes, emotions and profanity. Oh, the profanity!

That’s the best thing about attending an event live. No, not the profanity. The energy. Sure, virtual events like webinars can deliver much of the content you’d receive at an in-person event, but you don’t get the same human interaction that you do when you’re actually hanging out with your peeps. Just like at a rock show like this, or at a local Kronos event. We’re rocking shows all summer. You can hang out with other Kronos customers, and attend live sessions on the Affordable Care Act, the Kronos Cloud, and big data. Come check us out. We’ll do it live!

Kronos Live Schedule


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