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April 19, 2013

I’m a little torn posting on days like today, but at least this activity is actual work, and that makes me feel better. So, multitasked from in front of the TV, here’s another story from my vacation, this one related to the teamwork witnessed on a beautiful Saturday night…


The “holidays” for (Play)Joyce and me in Denmark and Spain were mostly enjoyed with her son, a college junior on semester in Copenhagen. One of our highlights was a “La Liga” futbol match between RCD Espanyol and Valencia. I enjoy the sport immensely when it’s played at at that world-class level. The athleticism and quickness of the players is mesmerizing, and the ball skills amazing. These players do with their feet what NBA guards do with their hands. When I asked Nick, a former UVM player what separated the best from the rest, he said, “field awareness and anticipation.” There’s a rapid rhythm to the game, and these players are in near-perfect synchronization with each other, and use their creativity to push each other to greatness.

That’s what teammates and a workforce develop over time. They get in sync with each other and push each other for creativity, forward momentum, and yes, I’m going to write it… goal attainment. That’s what we do at Kronos. We’re not perfect; hell, we’re made of human beings, but we’ve got an incredible record of long-term success.

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