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Bike City

April 12, 2013

With just a couple of Copenhagen days experience, here are my two primary observations:

– Bikes are everywhere
– Cigarettes are everywhere

20130412-092521.jpgIt’s quite the contrast. Bikes fulfill a basic transportation function here, plus there are always the health benefits of riding. The benefits of cigarettes are… Well, I’m not sure what they are. Yesterday (Play)Joyce remarked about the young, beautiful girls riding their bikes… with cigarettes dangling from their lips. It just seems so odd to be out on a bike engaging ones cardiovascular system, while simultaneously neglecting it.

Of course this got me thinking of how we can invest a lot of money in a workforce management system, but then ride it out of the shop and neglect it. It’s time to kick the habit and expand the lungs of your Kronos system. Here’s how:

Implement – When is the last time you upgraded or even installed a service pack? New software versions are created to help you further control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, and improve workforce productivity.
Educate – How effectively are your users, including you, using your system? Have the majority of your users even adopted it fully? Can they ride, or are they sapping the time of a few power users because they’re still on training wheels? Again, you made an investment, but are impeding a better return on it.
Support – It’s out there to help you. Are you using it? Our customer support portal provides fast product answers, customer discussion forums, and valuable HR and Payroll content. Pedal on over there.
Manage – How is your system performing, and who’s managing it? Wouldn’t they be better off doing other things core to your organizations reason for being? Would you maintain a bike yourself, or bring it into a shop for the experts to tune? That’s what our cloud services team does. They keep your bike tuned. All you have to do is ride it.
Optimize – Fatter tires? Smoother shifting gears? Sometimes you just want your ride to be a little bit better. With a Kronos system, there are opportunities to optimize your technology infrastructure, the application configuration, integration to/from other systems, and even your workforce management processes. Hey, I’m sure your bike rides just fine, but if you want to tweak it, we can help.

Well, I think I’ve ridden the bike analogy into the ground. Now I’m back to vacation. We’re headed to Barcelona next. I’m looking forward to a nice cigar there…

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  1. Freeman, Barbara permalink
    April 12, 2013 9:46 am

    I love these bits while you are o vacation – have a wonderful, wonderful time!

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