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Manufacturing Success

April 11, 2013

20130411-115526.jpgYou know those contortionists who can fold their body to fit into a small square box? Yeah, that was me on Tuesday’s BA6165 overnight from Boston to London. When we walked up toward Gate 7-whatever, I noted our 9:30 was delayed ’til 10:50. We settled in to seats at the Durgin Park restaurant. Later, returning from the girls room, (Play)Joyce said,”Hey, we’re going out of gate 7 “B,” and we’re on time. Hence, we hadn’t left the ground, yet I learned my first lesson of the trip:

Rule #1 – Let the Project Manager be in charge

A good project manager pays attention to the details for you, and is invaluable on a vacation or for your software implementation. That’s one reason for our long record of success. For example, just in manufacturing, our implementation professionals, including project managers, have nearly 8 years of tenure just with Kronos! Maybe that’s because we’ve implemented Workforce Central for 1,500 manufacturers supporting some 3.5M manufacturing employees! Just since 2010, we’ve trained over 10,000 manufacturing employees, mostly members of their implementation project teams! Oh, and while our Kronos Private Cloud for Workforce Central had only been floating a few years, already over 150 manufacturers are in it! Next time some slick sales rep tells you, “we’re just as good as Kronos,” ask them for their numbers in your industry.

Well, it’s day 2 in Copenhagen. I wonder what I’ll learn from my PM today?

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