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I’m Seeking out to Find

April 5, 2013

We humans are programmed to search for answers. Finding those answers has value. Of course, finding meaning has more value, but that’s a post for another time and another blog. As of this morning, Google (GOOG) has a market capitalization of $258.13B. Here’s a cool infographic of Google’s financials that show 96% of their revenues come from advertising. As an example, here’s what Google returned when I searched for “workforce analytics.” The links in the pink box and to the right are all paid advertisements.
Google search workforce analytics

Search does not always return the desired results. HP bought British search vendor Autonomy for $11B, then took an $8.8B write-off on the deal a year later. The fallout goes on.

For Kronos customers seeking out to find answers, Supersearch on our customer portal is the um, answer. Using a simple search box, Kronos customers can use natural language to ask a question, then quickly get answers from our Knowledge Base, Product Documentation, Release Notes, Technical Advisories, Customer Forums and more.


Now since it’s Friday, kick back with the lyrical reference to today’s post title. This rendition of the great Temptations song is from a 1981 Stones show I actually attended. I love search. Have a great weekend.

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