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Itching for Andragogy

April 1, 2013

Next week (Play)Joyce and I are off to Copenhagen to visit her son who’s doing a semester abroad. After a few days there, the three of us will jet over to Barcelona for more fun and a futbol game! While I didn’t do the excellent semester overseas when I was in college, it was still great fun. On this day in history way back when, I filled the sugar bowl with salt before my early class to prank my cereal eating roommates. Fun!

20130401-084636.jpgOK, so you’re probably wondering what andragogy means. When I first saw it, I thought of a particular David Bowie era, but no, andragogy means “learning strategies focused on adults,” and I stumbled on it in this excellent post by Alexandra Pickett. Of course it got me thinking of our andragogus educational services team, and how they rigorously combine technology and trainers with instructional design principles to craft Kronos learning experiences. I think if there’s any day for you to get some Kronos andragogy, today is it.

I biked to school with the warm breeze of a cool prank in my face. The day was good, and light, but long. After classes and a shift making carbonated beverages at the Kalil Bottling Company, I arrived home exhausted. As usual, Marty, Clint, and Jerry were strewn across the living room studying and reading. Oddly, they didn’t say a word about my excellent pranksterism. Hmmm… Off to bed I went. Almost immediately the sensation hit. On that April Fools Day I learned that itching powder, and payback, are a bitch.

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