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Sunday Sports in His Boxer Shorts

March 31, 2013

20130331-083937.jpgI wish. Today is more packing and cleaning to turn Dad’s home into a depersonalized dwelling that’s going on the market. Last night after a nice dinner with Dad’s neighbors, Dick and Kay, I stopped into Lowe’s at “the Villages” and had another cool customer experience. Not a trippy mind-blower like last week, but just one that put a smile on my face.

After finding the drip pans that go under the electric elements on a stove, I grabbed some of the round, vanity light bulbs for the bathroom. Dad had skimped and screwed in good old 60 watters. Not a good look, Dad. Anyway, I sprinted for self-checkout and proceeded to scan and cram my items. As I struggled to fit the 3rd trio of lights into the bag with everything else, a female Lowe’s employee approached me, intervened in the bagging process, and slowly said with a beautiful Southern drawl…

“Son, you know you can’t git ten pounds of per-taters in a fahv pound bag.”

I smiled inwardly at my lazy stupidity, and outwardly at the conscientious employee. “Thank you” was all I said, then Dick and Kay got a good laugh at the story.

As an employee, you never know what action you take, regardless of how small, may create a promoter for your business. Kronos customer Lowe’s is really working it with me.

Speaking of customer experience, I’ve been reading “Outside In: The Power of Putting Customers at the Center of Your Business” and highly recommend it.

Back to pack…

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