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The customer experience diet

March 29, 2013

20130329-091153.jpgI’m in the middle of losing fifty pounds. Well, maybe not the middle, but I’m on the down bound train, and over 10% down the tracks. Will I succeed when most fail? It’s hard, I’ll tell you that. One of the most difficult things is the unappealing trade off between more sacrifice and hard work now versus less moobs later. I mean, who’s kidding who? I make good food choices, and my health is good, but I’ve seen shirtless pictures of myself at the beach on Facebook. It’s all about vanity. I don’t want (play)Joyce having to go to the beach with a fat guy.

Executing a good business strategy can be just like a diet. Take “improving the customer experience” for example. For a company like Kronos, the decision to invest in improving the customer experience poses the same challenge as a diet in that it requires sacrifice now (more spending, profit pressure) versus benefits later (increased customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention, leading to repeat purchases, and potentially higher revenue and profit).

Kronos has been on the customer experience diet for some time. We’ve made good customer experience choices over the years, and our customer satisfaction health is good. In fact, we were recently awarded the Omega Management Group’s NorthFace Award for outstanding customer satisfaction for the 13th straight year! Still, there are young lean suitors on the workforce management beach, and we can’t just sit on our SaaS. In the past 3 years, we’ve made significant investments in the customer experience:

– customer focus groups to learn what an exceptional customer experience means to them
– a new customer satisfaction survey platform to help us measure actual performance and solicit customer feedback
– a new customer support portal to make it easy for customers to get fast online answers to their support questions
– a redesigned KnowledgePass education portal to provide easier access to and tracking of employee training
– new recognition and incentive programs in our professional services organization to reward Kronos employees for delivering the experience our customers expect.
– the Kronos private cloud for Workforce Central customers, and Workforce Ready for SMB customers provide all Kronos customers a SaaS solution to meet their needs

It seems my employer and I are striving for the same thing: be lean, nimble, and keep our most important customer(s) happy. Oh, and burning the manzier.

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