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Piecing together bits of my broken life

March 28, 2013

OK, so yesterday I had my “edge” on, as (Play)Joyce describes it, over the hideous battery drain on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus after an “upgrade” to the latest “Jelly Bean” version of Google’s Android mobile operating system. Anyway, my research into the far reaches of the cobwebby Interverse kept leading me down one dark, black hole…

Factory Reset

mybackup_proThat’s when you push a button, and the phone destroys all data except for a pristine version of its own brain, or operating system. The rest – pictures, emails, videos, texts, contacts, songs, log-in setups… Poof. Having half a brain, I researched and found MyBackup to backup all my bits and bytes! I downloaded the little lifesaver, then backed everything up to Local (/storage/emulated/0). Cool. I then hit the “factory reset” button and spent an hour playing CPA for my mom. Hey, she’s getting a refund this year!

Meanwhile, back at the vacant Galaxy Nexus ranch, apps were furiously re-installing themselves… Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Hootsuite, Instagram… All were swimming home like little wild salmon! Wait, what? Apparently, the Google Borg keeps track of all my apps downloaded (along with everything else about my life), and in the event of a factory reset, re-populates all of them. That was sweet. Now all I had to do was restore the data I so carefully backed up…

No backups were found.

Dilbert Disaster Plan“WT…” My mom chastised me for the profane utterance. Damn. Long story short, it turns out Local (/storage/emulated/0) is in the phones memory, not in the Mini-SD card like I assumed. In other words, it’s like I backed up everything on my “C” drive to my “C” drive, and then formatted my “C” drive… The rest of the night was spent logging into apps, and manually rebuilding contacts. (Play)Joyce called about something, but I wasn’t really paying attention. Something about getting our hotel for Barcelona… Anyway, the good news is the battery drain thing is fixed.

In hindsight, maybe I should have paid the $4.99 for MyBackup Pro, and backed up my stuff to… That’s right. The cloud. That’s what customers hosted in our private cloud get. We back up data locally, and in Chicago, so in case Massachusetts gets nuked by North Korea, your Workforce Central data, and the Blackhawks will be safe in Chicago.

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