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Flaming Forum

March 27, 2013

android central forumsI’m pissed. After using my magic thumbs to force a Jelly Bean update to my Galaxy Nexus, my battery life now… uh, how can I put this? Oh, I know… Sucks. Oh, please. Let me define “sucks” in terms of a smartphone battery life. On my 30 minute commute to work, my poor little guy sat unused, but also untethered to mother electricity. When I arrived at the office, I had 85% battery left. Let’s do some quick math, people… Doing nothing, my Samsung Galaxy Nexus battery will last 3 hours and 20 minutes.

That’s unacceptable.

Naturally, my search for a solution began with bitching about it online. I started here with a comment, but got accused by some guy of being an Apple fanboy. Whatever. I just want a fix, so off to the forums I go…

I don’t have a solution yet, but at least I know others are sharing my pain, and I’ve learned a few good tips for my phone. I love forums, and you can love them too. They’re informative, and they can be pretty fun…

forum funny

The customer forums are just one cool place in our customer support portal. Kronos support customers can also easily find product documentation, search our Knowledge Base, and learn with SHRM e-Learning, and HR and Payroll Answerforce™ from Wolters Kluwer. Here’s a little video to tell you all about it. Hey, that’s my iPad!

I’ve got to go. I just got flamed again…

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