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Overworked Biometric Easter Bunny

March 26, 2013

sick bunnyNot all Easter mornings involve cute little bunnies and an egg hunt. On an early Easter morning in the late 90’s, stale smoke from one American and two Japanese co-workers permeated the conference room from the yesterday of proposal work that had ended just a few hours earlier. Evidence of the Saturday night fried chicken shone on my keyboard. Dave sat zombie-like across from me, silhouetted by the morning sunlight behind him, his Elvis-like pompadour providing me shade. Neither spoke as we contemplated our next 18 hour day. I pushed away from the table and walked across a stark office lobby to the bathroom. I kneeled, but I wasn’t praying. I walked back into the conference room, sat facing my silent peer, wiped the corner of my mouth with a smirk, and said, “I’m ready to take the hill.” We had a laugh at the absurdity of our situation, and got on with the work of writing a response to a giant RFP for a state Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS).

So it was cool when I joined Kronos in 2000 to discover we had biometric accessories for our time clocks, though they’re quite different than the systems we provided law enforcement and immigration organizations. Biometrics capability is a pretty common feature of workforce management systems today, and our new InTouch includes a simple optional finger-scan capability to prevent “buddy punching” and potential inflated payroll. Oh, and of course it hangs in the cloud… Natch.

As for Dave, he’s now a big-shot for another biometrics company. He does congressional briefings on Capitol Hill in Washington, and even occasionally makes the evening news, like at the 2:19 mark of this clip.

And his hair was perfect…

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