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Stress Test Stress

March 19, 2013

Today’s post is by guest-blogger Terri Edkins. Terri is a member of the services marketing team at Kronos, and is generally a pretty cool customer. Her post tells about a time she wasn’t…

Kronos Stress Test GlyphA couple of years ago I experienced a “twinge” in my chest while exercising on the treadmill. Off to the doctor who immediately scheduled a stress test even though my EKG—that’s an electrocardiogram for you non-med-techies—was okay. I’m not sure which was worse: the stress of anticipating the test or the actual pounding on the treadmill while they monitored the performance of my heart. All was fine and I left with some recommendations to increase the effectiveness of the most important muscle in my body: consume healthy foods, keep my weight down, and exercise regularly to reduce stress.

Hopefully, your Kronos system hasn’t experienced a similar twinge, or worse, and like the preventive medicine ordered by my doctor, our technology consultants can help you prevent any issues with your most important workforce management muscle. Just like a cardiac stress test, we can test your system under both normal and anticipated peak load conditions to figure out its stress level and help prevent system failure and data loss. We’ll also provide reporting and recommendations to increase your maximum operating capacity and achieve optimal system performance.

Kronos Stress Test
You can learn more about our technology services including Performance Validation and Stress Testing at It’s not life and death, but putting your Kronos system to the test can give you some peace of mind, and maybe even reduce your stress…

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