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The Madness of Lost Productivity

March 18, 2013

march_madness_cookiesToday begins lower office productivity, spending (work)time in hallway conversations about selections and superiority, examining the alternatives for sometimes excruciating decisions, competition, and fun… March Madness? No! (Play)Joyce is having a bake sale at her office! Hey, it’s all to raise money (and waist sizes) for charities, plus it builds camaraderie in the workplace, just like the real March Madness.

There are naysayers, of course. One gloomy report says businesses can expect $134 million in productivity losses this year. I’ll tell you this; the bracketmania affected my personal productivity beginning last night. My first NCAA pool invitation chimed in at 9:10PM via email and Facebook, right in the middle of my new book… Who’s paying for that lost productivity?

I expect more today. There’s a pool here at corporate every year, and it’s all good in my mind. It brings people together informally, and provides common ground to co-workers who may not have had it before. Yeah, working at Kronos is pretty chill like that. We get treated like professionals, and somehow, miraculously, the work gets done very well, even during March Madness. I’m undecided on participating myself, though. How can I possibly be focused on the (UCLA)Bruins and 63 other college hoop teams when I have the (Boston)Bruins playing every other night? That’s right. I can’t.

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