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Women’s Day Every Day

March 8, 2013
My granddaughter (a woman) celebrating International Women's Day and a sweet win by the Bruins over the Maple Leaf's (an international team)

My granddaughter (a woman) celebrating International Women’s Day and a win by the Bruins over Toronto (an international team)

I’d really like to write something all in touch with my feminine side to commemorate International Woman’s Day, but I don’t have time. Mother Nature (a woman) completely messed with my morning by dumping another foot of snow on me and everything else around here. As a result, you’re getting leftovers, which are better than the fish sticks my mom (another woman) used to serve us on Friday’s. Besides, why can’t we simply honor and respect women every day? It’s like Valentine’s Day to me. I treat (Play)Joyce like it’s Valentine’s Day every day. Well, I try. I don’t need “a day” to show her how I feel. Speaking of Valentine’s Day, the first leftover post I’ve written about women is dated February 14, 2011.

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Happy International Women’s Day!

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