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The message is the tedium

March 7, 2013

cameoWith apologies to Marshall McLuhan, the more mediums like email, text, Facebook, and Twitter, the more steamy, pulsating, jiggly SPAM we get shoved down our throats! Every day I have to deal with 3-5 emails with titles like:

    • Decision Makers Email List
    • MS Dynamics, SAP and Oracle Contacts
    • Technology Contacts
    • Business leads for 2013

You get the picture. I scroll to the bottom of each one to find the “opt out” direction, usually in a nearly invisible or minuscule font, if there at all. Then I respond, likely with futility. Finally, I click on the offending collection of pixels infecting my inbox, and banish it to Outlook’s junk email folder, wherever that is. I’ve tried to automate the process with my “Out of the Office” message to outsiders, but it’s more for my amusement, than actual results:


Yeah, SPAM is annoying and a time suck. Can you imagine being badgered every day by emails, Facebook posts, and tweets screaming “HEY, CHECK OUT MY…?”

Uhhhh. Wait…

I’ve got to go tweet this.

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