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“If you build it, he will come…”

March 5, 2013
Matt McGough with the Mick in 1993.

Matt McGough with the Mick in 1993.

I never tire of the sappy sentimentality of “Field of Dreams.” One of several scenes that choke me up is when Ray (Kevin Costner) gets to play catch with his long-dead father. In spite of generational divides or those built on foolish pride, my father and I could always talk baseball. One time at Fenway Park, Dad and I were seated in the boxes along the third base line. Sox lead off man Tommy Harper stepped into the batter’s box when Dad said, “he’s hitting the second pitch out.” I wasn’t enough of a smart-ass to say, “OK Dad, have another beer,” but that’s what I was thinking. I turned my head slowly to the left and slightly upward to watch the second pitch arc into the netting above “the wall” at Fenway. I didn’t have to turn much further to see Dad take a sip of his beer completely straight-faced. It must have tasted good.

Baseball has thousands of great stories, and this audio from the Moth spins the tale of Matthew McGough, and how he landed a job as a New York Yankees batboy on his own, with no connections to the team. (Play)Joyce heard it, and forced me to listen, even though it’s about the Yanks… It’s a smart and hilarious lesson on how to get hired. With Spring just around the hot corner, there are other kids battling for jobs on fields in Florida and Arizona, and with summer looming, we’re also looking for kids interested in checking out the bigs. Kronos currently has over 25 paid college internships and over 100 full-time positions in Sales, Finance, Cloud, Engineering, Marketing… We’re like the Red Sox. We need help at nearly every position.

Kronos has been around only one year less than the Toronto Blue Jays and the Seattle Mariners, and is a great place to play… I mean work. We’ve built it. Will you come?

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