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And her nose stuck in a book…

February 28, 2013

belle bookDisney’s “Beauty and the Beast” was the first movie I ever saw at the theater with my daughter, Megan. In 1991, my little blond girl was about 2 ½. I’ll never forget the opening scene as the beautifully animated foreground flowers were slowly panned past to reveal the castle. I was instantly hooked, just like the moment my girl was born. I think most critics would agree the film marked the return of Disney magic. Belle, the main character, was a strong female role model. Independent and smart, she loved books, and was always reading…

Now, a couple decades later, it’s my girl with her nose stuck in a book. She’s smart, independent, and intellectually curious. She’s working professionally, and is a wonderful mom to her little clone. What’s left of her time is spent reading. Yeah, she’s a geek, and this geek wants to fulfill her desire to learn with college beginning in the Fall. It’s not so much the piece of paper that’s important, but the learning itself. We humans have an infinite capacity to learn, but few of us pursue it long term. What a loss.

Education is everything, other than love; whether that’s teaching a child, college, the Khan Academy, or software training. C’mon, you knew we were going to get there… Kronos has an exceptional Educational Services organization that trains thousands of our customers each year, and provides continuing education opportunities via classroom and online through KnowledgePass. So get your nose in a book, a class, or online. Nobody wants to be Le Fou.

Oh, and happy birthday, my girl.

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