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“With a head full of snow”

February 8, 2013

snow moonlight mileTo quote Mick or Keith or whoever actually put the lyrics together, I’ve got “a head full of snow,” although not the same kind the Glimmer Twins were alluding to… It’s hard to think about much beyond the impending storm named Nemo (Weather marketing?), but rest assured I’ve got multiple storm fronts raging in my head. In my wet soup of random neuron firings (a (Work)Joyce phrase) is a swirling storm of unstructured data. Like snowflakes. I got to thinking about the atomic structure of snow because I recently read the Large Hadron Collider will shut down for two years for an upgrade. One reason for the upgrade is to correct an original design flaw involving some 10,000 joints holding the giant tube together, but the rest is typical refreshment to hardware and software.

During the downtime, many of CERN’s scientists will remain underground, so to speak. They’ll be data mining , including Theorists… Heavy. In their excitement to discover the Higgs Boson, a theoretically predicted particle and “secret sauce” of matter, they may have missed some things. They will further scrutinize their findings for “signals of something new hidden in the data.” That’s what big data analytics does. It reveals.

As Kronos Workforce Central customers plan their upgrades, they should seriously consider a deeper analysis of their workforce management data. They’re sitting on a ton of it. What might it reveal? Well, for starters… the hidden causes — and costs — of overtime, absenteeism and low productivity.

I gotta go. Frozen atoms are smashing outside my window. They reveal beauty.

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