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Out from the heat, and into the cloud

February 5, 2013

109It’s hot in Tucson in August. The rented Altima’s outside temperature reading was 109 degrees. Sizzling down Interstate 10, I opened the windows and freaked my son out. I guess he didn’t like the feeling of a brick oven pizza. We were on day 1 of a two-week “road trip” that ended up covering 2,800 miles of scorching asphalt in Arizona, California and Nevada. Our stop in Tucson was to show the then 19 year old where dad went to college, and for the old man to pick up an Arizona Baseball tee shirt. Kyle didn’t leave the car much after his blast oven experience, and there were no comforting clouds in sight…

Fall classes start in late August, so the campus bookstore was crowded. Arizona undergrads help staff the busy operation. As I picked out a cool tee shirt, I wondered how they tracked T&A, HR, and payroll… Yeah, right. No I didn’t. I was on vacation! With tee shirt in hand, I rejoined Kyle in the air conditioned sedan. Next stop, San Diego!

I can always go back to that epic road trip with my son for blog material, but for now we’ll in sunny San Diego, home to the Aztec Shops of San Diego State University. They’ve been a Kronos customer for a few years, and use several products from our Workforce Central suite. Last year, Aztec decided to move to our cloud. Last week Workforce Magazine detailed their move. Workforce also has a companion article titled, “Want Cloud HR Software to Be a Breeze? Follow These Steps.”

Our cloud keeps Aztec Shops cool. It can keep you cool too, even when mounting IT pressures make it feel like 109.

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