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Sunday, Gluttony Sunday

February 1, 2013

invited-watch-place-not-super-bowl-ecard-someecardsI was just asked, “who do you like on Sunday?” I don’t really care. I’m a bitter Patriots fan living with the fact the Patriots haven’t won a SuperBowl since “SpyGate.” Of course, they’ve made it to two and have played in 4 AFC championships during that span, but yeah, they suck without cheating… Anyway… I don’t have a team preference, but I would like to see Colin Kapernick get hit really hard. Other than that, I think it will be great to watch as a fan of the game, even if my team is watching from their couches.

The SuperBowl is now a huge cultural event in the US, which does say something about our culture, and I’m not sure it’s good. Last night as I purchased fresh fruits and veggies for our new juicer, I had to dance like Gayle Sayers to avoid the obstacle course displays of chips, soda, and cheese whiz. And my grocer doesn’t sell booze. I’m sure local “packies” will resemble a cage full of crack monkeys for the next 56 hours. Based on a recent survey, we estimate our Sunday excesses will result in 1.5 million of us calling in sick, and 4.4 million will be late to work:

Super Sick Time

That’s all I have time for today. I’ve got to order more deer antler spray find “Ken” to get in a squares pool!

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