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Healthcare Angels in the Cloud

January 28, 2013

cloud angelI’ll be taking my son for a checkup with his Geneticist tomorrow. Dr. Madelena Martin and Neurologist Christy Stine saved Kyle’s life back in 2007, and have been a part of our lives since. There’s much to be fixed in our healthcare system, but the talents and humanity of Kyle’s doctors need no improvement.

Since the US Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), and President Obama was re-elected, uncertainty is beginning to lift off healthcare organizations that can now begin to move ahead with IT investments that were delayed while legalities and politics were sorted out. To help healthcare organizations meet their PPACA compliance goals, Kronos has an upcoming webinar on January 31st, How Will Your Workforce Strategy Meet the Demands of Health Care Reform? The webinar will present current trends in healthcare reform, the demands it is placing on healthcare organizations, and actionable strategies your organization can implement to meet PPACA goals.

One of those technologies likely to see increased healthcare investment is the cloud. My research found a few articles on the cloud in healthcare:

We’re beginning to see more of our healthcare customers look at Kronos in the cloud. IDC looked at Kronos healthcare customers using the cloud, and in their IDC Health Insights paper, Research Director Judy Hanover discusses the industry factors and benefits that are driving demand for cloud services. Here’s a good summary:

“To maintain workforce management applications and services while leveraging IT staff for new clinical implementations, provider IT departments will seek cloud-based cloud service options that preserve service levels for employees and managers using workforce management applications.”

I’m pretty sure Dr. Martin and Dr. Stine utilize the cloud, but in their case, it’s the one where angels hang out.

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