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Outsourcing Me

January 22, 2013

cat videosThe rest of the week would be a good time for me to outsource my job so I could, you know, work. I recall reading about this approach in the Tim Ferriss book, “The Four Hour Work Week.” He suggested negotiating to work remotely, and then outsource your work to someone in China or India while you surf in Maui. That’s what a coder did recently. “Bob” outsourced his IT work to someone in China so he could watch cat videos, and:

  • 9am: Arrive and surf Reddit for a couple of hours, watch cat videos
  • 11.30am: Take lunch
  • 1pm: eBay
  • 2pm-ish: Facebook updates, LinkedIn
  • 4.40pm-end of day: Update email to management
  • 5pm: Go home.

Bob got caught, and probably has plenty of time for all that now.

Speaking of IT jobs, IDC reports “1.7 million jobs related to cloud computing remained unfilled worldwide,” and “the demand for cloud-savvy IT professionals will grow by 26% annually until 2015.” That’s good news if you’ve got the skills, and if you do, check out Kronos. We’ve got openings in our cloud services business in the US, Canada, UK and India:

  • Cloud Customer Manager
  • IT-Hosting Operations Lead
  • Lead Java Developer
  • Director, Cloud Process & Enablement Services
  • Cloud Services Support Engineer / Analyst
  • Technical Support Engineer
  • Product Manager
  • Lead Cloud Services Consultant

For the rest of the week, I’ll be sitting in Ops Reviews, so I’m outsourcing blogging to “Bob.” I have no idea what you’re going to get. Maybe cat videos…

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