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Free Bagels Friday

January 18, 2013

bagelsOne of my first impressions working for Kronos back in the Spring of 2000 was free bagels Friday. That was cool. Still is, unless you’re striving for ketosis. I’m not, but I lay off bagels except for the occasional splurge at my local bagel place. I usually pay cash there, but if I don’t remember to get to my laptop, fire up Quicken and log the expense, by the end of the week I have unaccounted for cash that gets logged under “Dining” (the most likely spending category), with the comment, “WTF? No idea?” Yeah, the old squishy computer doesn’t retain short-term data like it used to.

About five years ago, I thought, “wouldn’t it be great if I could log these cash expenses into my phone and sync it with Quicken on my laptop?” Yeah, especially since I could do this with my old Treo650 using “Pocket Quicken” ten years ago!  Hell, I’ve been using Quicken since last century. Generally, I like the product, but I’m not using any advanced features, and Intuit’s sunset policy is a little irritating. It forces users to upgrade if they want to keep using “online services” like downloading transactions from financial institutions.  I looked at and Splashmoney and Moneydance as replacements, but they either can’t import my 10+ years of Quicken data, or in the case of Moneydance, can’t do it effectively.

quicken upgrade messageAnyway, Quicken 2013 is working fine, but the mobile app should be way simplified for entering transactions. One thing I do like is this pop-up message to “see how you can get more out of Quicken.” Clicking on the “upgraders” button took me here, to learning aids, videos, tutorials, and other training to improve my Quicken experience… Hmmm… Sounds just like our KnowledgePass.

Speaking of upgrades, we’ve got a free webinar coming up. Work Smarter When Upgrading Workforce Central – What IT Needs to Know will feature wicked sharp Kronos Technology Consultant Bob Hosken. Bob will provide best practice guidelines, assessment strategies, and other insider tips – all designed to make your upgrade process easier and reduce disruption to your operations.

all systems go

It;s Friday, and now I’m down for a free bagel. I won’t have to log it to Quicken, but MyFitnessPal isn’t going to like it one bit.

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