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2013 – The year of women?

January 15, 2013

Joyce SEGLI love women. I have a young blond daughter and her five year-old clone living in my home. My mother is a woman who raised my brothers and me alone. I spend my life in the service of women, even the ones who work for me… Hey, I’m just here to serve. Lately, as our President replaces departing Cabinet members with white guys, some are asking “where are the women?” I do think it’s time for us boys to let women run the show. Between wars and guns and spending like proverbial “drunken sailors,” we’ve made a big freakin’ mess. Personally, I’m hoping for a Hillary Clinton – Condoleezza Rice showdown in 2016. I have a feeling Bill Clinton would love to be the first, um, man.

Yesterday I was chatting with an office pal, and the subject of a Kronos “equity event” came up. We went private in 2007, and our private equity owners didn’t buy us as a charitable deduction. We will be sold or go public, it’s just a matter of when. Then we wondered what would become of our executive team, and in particular, WWAD (what would Aron do)? Keep leading? Retire? Devote his time to his beloved charities? Hmmmm… What if he left? The right successor would be a monster decision. Aron has a broad set of leadership and executive skills, but I’d put “customer empathy” at the top. He understands and feels for our customers. Hell, he installed our first timeclock 35 years ago. Yeah, it later caught fire, but that burned the importance of customer service into Aron early on… He appreciates that our customers chose Kronos. He doesn’t take it for granted. That attitude permeates our entire culture. Hmmm… Empathy? Feelings? I think we should consider a woman when the big guy decides to join the Senior PGA tour. Of course, he’ll have to learn to play golf first.

And we have some amazing women at Kronos. Barb runs our Pre-Sales organization, and as Obi-Wan Kenobi might say, “the empathy is strong in her.” I learn from (Work)Joyce (some things I don’t want to know…) every day, and one of her greatest professional passions is our customer experience. In our Services organization, we have highly skilled women like Susan and Robin, running business units driving millions of dollars. Their people would run through walls for them. And do.

Speaking of empathy, (Play)Joyce has plenty to go with her high skills, and her customers include every employee at her company, Bard EP. In addition to supporting them all in HR, she leads their charitable works, including serving as co-chair of a United Way charity serving kids in nearby Lowell, MA. Barb is on that team, too. Frankly, the two of them together scare me, but that’s not important right now. What is important is that last night Joyce won the Charles Russell Bard Award, Bard’s premiere recognition and reward program for employee excellence! I am so proud of her.

Nominated by coworkers, the “winners perform well beyond normal job expectations by demonstrating an exceeding ability to incorporate Bard’s Values and Guiding Principles into job performance, and by acting as Bard ambassadors by volunteering their time and talent in their local community.”

Yesterday, had a post titled, 2013 Will be the Year of Women. Congratulations to (Play)Joyce for helping get them off to a good start.

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