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The Flu is no Game

January 11, 2013

flu-gameRemember Michael Jordan’s “flu game” performance in the ’97 NBA Finals against the Utah Jazz? No? Well, it was over 15 years ago, and though very sick, Michael Jordan had a job to do. If you’ve ever been run over by the flu A-Train, you’ll know every Chicago fan that night was hoping Mike didn’t go “on a run” during the game… Sorry for that, but the flu is gross and debilitating. It can put us normal humans on the bench and curtail productivity, but not Mike. His presenteeism produced 38 points, 5 assists, 3 steals and 1 blocked shot. Oh, and a 90 – 88 win. Obviously, Mr. Jordan’s conditioning was a big factor in him even getting out of bed that day. I think it’s an antibody thing…

Google Analytics show the flu is a bad ass this year in the US, and organizations need to protect their employees. Just in time to keep your team healthy and on the court is our Resource Guide for Flu-Related Workforce Management Issues. Here’s what’s in it:

  • Cleaning Kronos® Terminals
  • FAQ — Tracking Sick Time
  • FAQ — Managing Absences
  • General Workplace Safety Flu Information

Hopefully this guide will help keep you healthy enough this cold n’ flu season to keep your antibodies strong by working out or shooting hoops. Just not like Mike.

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