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Bubonic TweetChat on 2013 HR Predictions

January 10, 2013

patty and selmaOK, so any regular readers (who are you, btw?) of this space are familiar with (Work)Joyce, not to be confused with (Play)Joyce, although the work version is fun, too.  After a couple days quarantined with the plague, (Work)Joyce showed up at the office yesterday. While her laugh is infectious, I’m hoping her cough wasn’t  Yesterday when she laughed, it devolved into a hacking cough that sounded like Marge Simpson’s smoker sisters.

Anyway, while I’d like to believe (work)Joyce came in to have our weekly 1:1 meeting in person, I really think she was there to participate in our latest Tweetchat. Yeah, that’s right. A Tweetchat. This was our third, and focused on HR predictions for 2013. The genesis of the session can be found on (Work)Joyce’s Workforce Institute site. The session was fast, fun and free. Check out the transcript. It’s free, too.


Oh, and my favorite HR Buzzword from yesterday? Presenteeism.

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