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One More Cloud Resolution for 2013

January 9, 2013

Resolutions 2013The gym was already less crowded yesterday. The truth is, people don’t realize how difficult it is to change. It’s actually not that hard to exercise regularly; the challenge is in breaking whatever existing habit you’re replacing… like wine and Cheez-its. I’m doing fine with my one resolution, but it’s not easy. Years of conditioning are not transformed overnight. I’m just taking my first few baby steps toward a better life.

Resolutions are all about improvement, and David Linthicum recently wrote about cloud resolutions for the new year on his excellent cloud computing blog at Infoworld. David makes four excellent points about cloud that I encourage you to read, and I’d like to add one more for those of you considering or using our Workforce Central suite:

Look at Workforce Central Cloud Services

Even if you currently manage Kronos in your own data canter, you owe it to yourself to explore options for Kronos to host and manage your system, or simply manage your applications remotely.

Go ahead. Just take a few baby steps toward a better Kronos system.

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