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Finding the Ultimate Answer

January 7, 2013

42Yesterday concluded “Birthday Weekend” for Play(Joyce), and it was an interesting one for my girl, I’m sure. The poor thing had to be traumatized after receiving a singing “Happy Birthday” from my mom on her new iPhone 5. I was then crushed to learn the former “Analog Girl” accidentally deleted my own Sinatra-like rendition before hearing it! Saturday night, as we commenced the “retail celebration” segment of the weekend on 4 wheels, she searched for and found the solution. On the iPhone5, if you swipe down to the bottom of your voice mails you’ll eventually get to your deleted ones! After hearing my singing, a tear of joy ran down birthday girl’s childlike cheek. Or maybe it was regret…

It’s never been easier to find answers to anything than it is today. I mean, you can even find the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything. It’s all out there. Hitchhiking the Kronos galaxy, there are many sources of ultimate knowledge, mostly in the heads of our people, but in case you don’t have access to one of those right now, try these:

KnowledgePass™ – our 24/7 online educational portal. There, you’ll have instant access to tutorials, job aids, in-depth, hands-on how-to’s, webinars, and well, answers to help you get the most from your Kronos system.

Customer Portal – at, you can search for tech support answers, manage your support cases, and join community discussions.

KnowledgePass and the Customer Portal have answers to most of your vexing Kronos questions, but you probably won’t find secret to the Fountain of Youth. I think it’s at the Lancôme counter at Macy’s. While picking up some high-tech facial creme (Play)Joyce smiled and said, “It’s how I stay so young looking.” The girl’s not lying. Earlier in the day I was chatting with my mom, and the birthday girl came up:

Mom: “Oh, how old is she?”
Me: “Guess.”
Mom: “Oh, I’d say she’s in her early 40’s. Like 42.”
Me: “Uhhhh… Mom, would you please call her and tell her that yourself? She’ll never believe me.”

So there. I’m going with it. From now on, in my galaxy, the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything is definitely 42.

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