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All is quiet on (the day after) New Year’s Day

January 2, 2013

My screaming leap off a legacy cliff into (Work)2013 is currently on hold while a plumber roughs in the ½ bath of my man-cave, a new element of (Play)2013. The man-cave, a (seemingly) five year mission, is one project that will be completed in twenty-thirteen.

Resolutions Gym and BarThe end/beginning of a year is usually marked by memories of the past, planning for the future, obligatory obituaries of the famous, resolutions, and sometimes a hangover. 2012 was a good year for me, but I lost two dear friends. As a Boomer, I’d better get used to that. Stepping into 2013, I’m focused on a single theme for self-improvement, but it remains to be seen if my resolve will last longer than those I’ll see at the gym tonight. Hey, I hope they stay…

After all, isn’t any New Years resolution just a promise to improve, to attempt getting more from yourself for your family, your partner, your employees, you? That’s why we train, mentor, and strive for some measure of improvement. We can all do better, and given the state of our world, we have to. Yeah, we’re imperfect humans, but we have infinite potential individually and collectively. So let’s all do better for each other. Not just in the next two weeks, but always.

“Nothing changes on New Years Day,” yet we all can for the better, just a little bit every day.

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