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Aged Cheese

December 27, 2012

CheeseYou may have missed this due to your eggnog fueled merry-making, but some scientists recently discovered cheese-making “technology” goes back over 7,000 years. I’m thankful for that cheese-tech. While prepping for a trip to France a couple years ago, a Facebook friend advised I needed only three words to survive in Paris, “vin rouge” and “fromage.” She was so right.

Speaking of cheese, it’s “the time of year when we make largely unfulfilled promises about how we’ll be better in the next 365 days than we were in the year or lifetime past.” I lifted that from a post written six years ago on my personal blog. For that post I also created this image to illustrate my own giant block to personal change.

smartgoalsI will set goals, and yes, they’ll be SMART, but the change I need is more fundamental. Some of my research ventured to places which might offend you (if I had used the better, original version…), but nailed it for me. Still, changing years of conditioning requiring Freud to unravel is not for the meek. I won’t become an asshole, but it’s no surprise they so often win and get ahead.

Before Christmas, the last bit of a TV ad caught my attention. That’s the point of them, you know. It turns out the 30 second spot was for Bleu de Chanel, and was directed by Martin Scorcese. It features French actor Gaspard Ulliel, but it was the sound of the old StonesShe Said Yeah” in the background and the spoken words that grabbed me:

“I’m not going to be the person I’m expected to be anymore.”

And then the cheesy walls all fall down.

See you next year.

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