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Revenge of the Nerds

December 18, 2012

geek cartoonThe 1984 comedy was filmed at the University of Arizona, the same place I wrote my first computer program a few years earlier. For a time I lived in an old adobe house on 1000 E. Grant Road with four to eight roommates, depending on various dorm and girlfriend banishments. There was a six man rotation consisting of 4 engineering/science (Nuclear, Electrical, Chemical, Physics) majors, and two business majors, Phil and me. One is now an expert on nuclear waste, another works for Google. Gerry, who built a PC from scratch on our ping-pong table, may still be at Los Alamos, but Pat was our Bluto Blutarsky and is in points unknown. For all I know he could be a senator…

My engineering roommates were not nerds or dweebs or geeks. Our 1981 1,800 mile round-trip from Tucson to Boulder, CO to see the Stones is still a legend in our own minds. These weren’t geeks. OK, wait. I’m pretty sure Gerry had a pocket protector, but the point is, they were some of the most well educated minds I’ve ever encountered. The sciences were their passion, but they also knew art and history and politics and music. They were just smart. Phil and I still don’t know what we were doing there…

Today, geeks are in high demand, especially in the cloud. In this season of looking back lists and looking forward predictions, there are several out on the cloud:

One prevailing theme is a geek talent shortage, especially cloud geeks. We have several openings on our cloud services team, including one for a process geek: Director, Cloud Process & Enablement Services.

The cloud geek will be responsible for “identifying critical best practices necessary for successful Cloud operations and ensure that they are implemented consistently across all Kronos Cloud Operations teams.” It’s a big job. Our cloud business is exploding and we’ve got to ensure we deliver the experience our customers expect.

Dementia aside, I’ll never forget those guys. Clint, the nuke guy has faithfully sent me a Christmas card for over 30 years. From what I read this year, life is sweet in Pismo Beach. Phil doesn’t send Christmas cards, but he and I have remained close. He’s in town from San Jose. I’m looking forward to some catch-up tomorrow night over dinner. Maybe he knows some cloud geeks.

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