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The Zen of Santa’s Workshop

December 17, 2012

This is my 200th post here, and it’s got to be light…

julia child appOK, it’s not the last minute, but time’s running short for our loooong 2012 gift buying shift. Amazon has you covered for a few more days, and with Apple announcing iOS users can now gift an app from the App Store, you’ve got even more time! Turns out I’m going to need a little extra time myself. Friday, I was off for a planned retail stimulus day, but things don’t always turn out the way we want them to, so I’m still short a few presents. In fact, I’m still not sure what’s on (Play)Joyce’s list besides the new iPhone 5 and “Otterbox Defender” case she’s already rocking… Seriously, her phone could survive a trip to Mars in that thing. I will be gifting my culinary (eating) arts loving son this sweet Julia Child iPad app, but what, you ask, is out there for Kronos nation?

You had to ask…

Santa Workforce TabletSanta Workforce Tablet - AnalyticsJust in time for the holiday shopping season, the North Pole has gone mobile with Workforce Tablet and Workforce Tablet Analytics! Avid drinkers of the Working Smarter Café Eggnog TM already know how Santa keeps his operation humming with Workforce Scheduler, and now he’s deployed iPads to all his Exempt Manager Elves! Obviously, it’s a busy time of year at “the show,” and after last year’s exposé on a strike by elves and the high unemployment rate of millennial reindeer, the big guy was reluctant to speak with us, but we were able to get this brief comment from a red-faced Santa:

“It’s a stressful time up here, as you might imagine. We have to meet all of our production quotas and I need a flexible workforce because we produce so many different products. It’s a systems management nightmare, so we outsource all our IT now. Kronos handles our stuff in the cloud, so I don’t have that headache with them. Now, in a very Zen-like way, Workforce Tablet allows me to manage in the moment. Still, for an elf, carrying even an iPad-mini is like lugging around a cast-iron skillet, so hello? Apple?”

I can’t imagine the pressure the big fella is under this month, but I do feel good that we’re helping him focus on what he does best. Bringing needed smiles to children young and old. What a great gig.

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