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Google Zeitgeist list for 2012 – And Kronos Too!

December 13, 2012

GoogleZeitgeist_2012Well, Google has published its Zeitgeist list for 2012, providing its top trending and most popular searches from over one trillion queries for the year. If you want to know the difference between trending and popular, this article provides a decent summary. Search technology is fascinating, and the insight to Google’s metrics says quite a bit about who we are. For example, it did make me wonder why the hemorrhoid is the top trending health issue… Anyway, Zeitgeist categories include News, Pop Culture, Science, Tech & Gadgets, Sports, Humanities, and more.

Before you go there, let me slide into another useful search technology, Kronos Supersearch. While we don’t get trillions of searches, more and more Kronos customers are quickly finding answers to their technical questions using Supersearch. If you’re a Kronos customer, check it out. A best practice is to set your favorite products prior to searching for optimal results. Here are a few on our current Zeitgeist list for 2012:

  1. Workforce Central v6.2 Compatibility Matrix
  2. How To Download Service Packs from the Kronos Customer Portal
  3. Holiday Configuration Best Practices and FAQs
  4. Top Five Data Collection Systems Issues: WDM, DCM, 4500, TouchID, Biometrics
  5. How To Generate a License for Workforce Central with Subscribenet

OK, now you can go Zeitgeist your day away

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