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Search Goes Old School!

December 11, 2012

google60My first computer science class was at the University of Arizona the year Bucky Dent broke my heart. Yeah, old school.

In order to find the answer to an assigned problem, I had to use a keyboard to type Fortran computer language, which would then be encoded onto a stack of punch cards. The cards were then fed into a mechanical “card reader” (a hardware maintenance cash cow!), where the Fortran commands would be electronically fed into the mainframe computer for um, computation. Students would have to write a complete computer program to obtain the answer to a simple question… The result of my effort would be delivered some time later on green bar paper. The process often took hours. If the result was incorrect, it was back to the keyboard to create a new stack of punch cards. It was something like this cool “if Google existed in the 60’s” simulation, google60.

Fortunately, search technology today doesn’t involve mechanical card readers or green bar paper. It’s instantaneous, available from any computer, tablet or smart phone, and can even be entered using your voice. For Kronos customers, it looks like this:


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