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Upgradus Interruptus

December 10, 2012

I was not happy. As (Play)Joyce describes it, I had my “edge” on, but more to the point, my daughter said, “Dad, you were being a Dick.” Please pardon her French. Later, sitting at dinner with Megan, I felt more remorse than frustration. After all, I was a Richard, but she was the one who still didn’t have an iPhone, not me. Yeah, my girl had lost her iPhone 4 Thursday night while out with the (Work)Girls. The circumstances of the disappearance remain murky, but that’s not important right now…

iphone5 tomorrowTo make a long story short, I had an upgrade due on my account Saturday, December 8th. Somewhere between the two Goliath’s, Apple and Verizon, policy forbids a Verizon retail associate or manager from allowing an “early” upgrade. In this case, one day. So, I returned to the big red store on Saturday for an iPhone 5, sales tax on the full retail price in MA (no problem with that), a full-retail military grade case, plus a new $35 upgrade fee. Fine. Oh, and I did apologize for being what Megan called me. My point is this: If the two giant corporations gave their front-line employees just a little discretion on upgrade dates, the customer experience could be so much better. It shouldn’t be so hard to fork over $270.55 to upgrade an iPhone.

As I mentioned in recent posts here and here, our new Upgrade Central team is dedicated to easier and cheaper upgrades, and they’ve reduced the average duration of a Workforce Central upgrade by 65%! How? Here’s their second tip to reducing the timeline of an upgrade:

Tip #2: Be prepared for your upgrade assessments – know your current system.

Depending on what version you’re upgrading from, changes could be significant. For example, Workforce Connect, a tool for building and managing integration to/from a Kronos system was replaced by Workforce Integration Manager 3 years ago in Workforce Central version 6.1. Having a solid understanding of your current interfaces will make the migration faster and more efficient. Our team can help you conduct an upgrade assessment for interfaces, custom reports and other (unlikely) customizations you may have implemented.

On Saturday night yours truly was back at the big red store with (Play)Joyce for yet another iPhone upgrade. (Play)Joyce wasn’t upgrading from a smartphone, so you’ll be hearing more about that experience later…

Oh, Merry Christmas, girls.

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