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The Thrill is Gone

November 30, 2012

I really thought I’d found breakup nirvana with, What would Apple have to do to ruin your relationship?, but it was eh… It started with a tale of some woman believing an ex was “the one,” but then it sort of went the route of the relationship. Nowhere. Based on the article comments defending her honor, it’s clear there are many a “fanboy” who believe Apple is “the one.”

Bourne Bridge Apple MapsSomething the article missed was, “he/she doesn’t treat people well.” The whole Foxconn thing lost that lovin’ feeling for me with Apple, but aren’t most electronics made in China these days, anyway? I just checked my Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and yep… “Made in China.” How about, he/she just doesn’t um, perform? The Apple Maps fiasco is almost beyond belief, and Apple products never did Flash, either.

For me, the relationship has simply cooled. I’m apathetic. I really wanted it to be better, but I’ve even grown bored of Flipboard on my iPad. I find myself spending more time with my Windows laptop, especially when writing, and I think my Galaxy Nexus is superior to the iPhone. While I once longed for a MacBook Pro, and lusted for the iPhone to grace Verizon’s door, I’m now finding myself content without “the one.” I even find myself checking out the Nexus 10… I’m not alone. It seems the iPad’s market share is slipping

For enterprise software providers like Kronos, the important thing is to, well; stay intimate with your customers. Talk to them. Make sure they know they’re important to you. Tell them you love them, and not just when you want something. Like money. And perform. Be there when they need you. In good times and in bad.

Oh, and I hope the Bourne Bridge looks better on my Google Maps. I’ll be crossing it in a few hours.

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