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Not all Luck

November 29, 2012

The young Indianapolis Colts are 7-4 after 11 games this season. Last year they were 0-11. They’re so young, maybe their team color should be green instead of blue. Thirty-four of the 53-man roster are either rookies or first-year Colts. Sure, they’ve had some luck, but the management, discipline, and execution of the team is why Indianapolis players are looking at the playoffs instead of layoffs.

“That’s a credit to Bruce and our coaches in terms of their overall development to this point, keeping them focused, putting them in positions to win and good play-calling,” said General Manager, Ryan Grigson. With Head Coach Chuck Pagano battling cancer, Interim Head Coach Bruce Arians has told the team to “stay within the moment and work the process it has worked to this point.”

  • Discipline
  • Focus
  • Process
  • Execution

We have our own young team in Indy. As I mentioned earlier this week, our new Upgrade Central team is dedicated to faster and cheaper upgrades. In fact, they’ve achieved a 65% reduction in the average duration of a Workforce Central upgrade! How? Well, we’ve taken existing, experienced veterans from the field, plus young draft choices in Indy, and trained them on new processes and tools. However, it’s the leadership from our Upgrade Central project managers, technology consultants and application consultants that is helping customers contribute to faster and more efficient upgrades. Here’s one tip. I’ll cover others in upcoming posts:

Tip #1: Ensure your test environment is ready and be prepared to discuss production environment requirements with a Kronos technology consultant.

This seems pretty fundamental, but unknowns on things like hardware capability and database versioning (SQL Server 2012?, 32 or 64-bit?) result in an average upgrade project delay of 80 days!

This is just one example of how our Upgrade Central team helps customers upgrade faster, by “keeping them focused, and putting them in positions to win.”  Just like the young Colts.

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