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Help me help you upgrade

November 27, 2012

Yesterday I was on what seems to be an annual call about ideas to encourage/implore/harass our customers on older versions of Workforce Central to upgrade. We still have hundreds of customers on versions that are older than WindowsMe. Why? Here are a few of their reasons:

  • Our version works – OK, you got me on that one. Our products work. We still have hundreds of customers using our old Windows-based, TimeKeeper Central product that was released in the early 90’s! They should check out our pure SaaS Workforce Ready.
  • We don’t have time to do it – Kronos customers can explore options in Upgrade Central. We can complement your resources to help you get your upgrade done.
  • We don’t have money to do it – Upgrading is easier and less expensive than it used to be, thanks to product improvements, serviceability improvements, and a new upgrade team in our Indy Technology Center dedicated to faster and cheaper upgrades.
  • We don’t want to invest in new hardwareTwo words: the cloud
  • We don’t know what value there is to upgrading – Here’s a graphic I cobbled together illustrating the decade plus evolution of our Workforce Central suite. Click that puppy and it will explode into a version you can actually read. Trust me, you’ll find value important to you.

  • It’s a lot of change – The change thing is an interesting, and I believe huge reason some customers don’t upgrade. A recent Harvard Business Review blog post gets into this phenomenon. The question for enterprise software vendors is, can organizations and their employees handle the new features and functions you’re bringing to market, or are they actually an impediment to customers adopting new versions of your products? As you can see in my chart, many of our efforts have gone into making the products easier and more accessible. Still, the late, late, late adopters.

To be continued…

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