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Tambourines and Angels

November 21, 2012

Twenty years ago on Thanksgiving, I was hovering, bald eagle style around my mom’s kitchen, making occasional gliding passes by the stove to talon pieces of turkey or globs of crusty stuffing, fresh out of the oven. It was pre-Thanksgiving dinner bliss. Until it wasn’t. Screams shot my attention away from the roasting pan toward the kitchen island where my one year old son looked like Rocky Balboa after telling his trainer, “Cut me Mick.” Blood was everywhere and family was freaking. My mom, an RN, grabbed her grandson and rinsed his mouth to reveal Kyle had ripped his bottom two teeth out with a toy tambourine. It was a live horror show, but about twenty minutes later after ice, Oragel and baby Tylenol, Kyle sat with the family eating bird and all. He didn’t realize it, but the boy had created a legendary Thanksgiving story for the whole family!

While hovering in my mind and the cloud for post side dishes, the song “Green Tambourine” oozed from a 60’s cranial crevice. I remembered the melody, and a bit of the chorus. I didn’t realize the song by The Lemon Pipers was about a person playing for money in the street:

“Drop your silver in my tambourine
Help a poor man fill his pretty dream
Give me pennies I’ll take anything
Now listen while I play
My green tambourine”

David Almeda, VP, HR, Charlie Dickson, CAO, Jim Kizielewicz, CMO, Alyce Moore, VP, General Counsel

Speaking of giving, last Thursday at our Chelmsford, MA campus, all of our executives donned chef’s hats and doled out a full and free Thanksgiving lunch for employees. This season, Kronos is also making charitable donations to Junior Achievement Worldwide, and to the Lowell Transitional Living Center. Plus we’re doing our annual holiday drives for food, coats and toys. The spirit and effort of “giving back” at Kronos makes me feel good as an employee.

We celebrated Kyle’s 21st birthday last week. It’s been an interesting run for my special-needs son, and there have been some very dark times, but in 2007, two angels saved him. That was a year of emergency rooms, the fear and pain of too many unwelcome needles, neurology, genetics, and finally, life saving medications. There is nothing worse for a parent than to see their child suffering in any way. I am thankful my employment with Kronos, and the excellent health insurance it provides helps alleviate that suffering for my son. Kyle is thankful, too.

Happy Thanksgiving. “Now listen while I playplayplayplayplayplayplayplay… My green tambourine”

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