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Grabbing Your Customers

November 16, 2012

Not everyone makes it to breakfast in Las Vegas. Not the morning version, anyway. One rule I have for our Expo staff is the boxing cliché, “Ya gotta answer the bell.” Our Expo is a trade show format with product demonstrations tailored to specific industry solutions, services booths, technical support, and partner booths. This year I added encouragement to our Services team to be more engaging with our customers in the Expo, but not so much that HR or Legal has to get involved… Some of our people are really good at it. Tim Ozirsky is like a Venus Flytrap; if you get too close to his kiosks demonstrating our new Customer Support Portal, he grabs you and pulls you in.

Back at a sparsely populated Wednesday morning breakfast, I chatted with Dwayne from the City of Houston. Dwayne is a big man, built like an NFL nose tackle, and speaks a strong Southern drawl. I already knew Houston was an excellent cloud services customer, but what I learned was how hard they push their suite of products, trying to squeeze all the value they can for the city. Since all business talk gets boring, I asked if Dwayne thought the Houston Texans football team could “get it done” this year. “I don’t know, man,” he said doubtfully. “Tom Brady still scares me.” I stuck out my hand with a smile, and said, “That’s my team.” Soon a blue-shirted man stuck out his hand to meet Dwayne. It was Sam Inzerillo, our Solution Services Evangelist. I love Sammy’s title. It’s not “Director of Awesome,” but it’s pretty good. “Dwayne, are you coming to my session?” asked Slammin’ Sammy. Dwayne was scheduled to attend a Workforce Central Tips and Tricks session, but Sam convinced Dwayne to attend his Attestation Expands Beyond the PC.

Sam Inzerillo

Our Attestation Toolkit is a niche product, but because Sam is so good at shaking hands and kissing babies, many customers see it and discover the value of it. In our Expo, Sammy and team earned more leads than any other Services area, and his session was packed. That could not be said for most of Wednesday’s morning sessions. It’s just more proof that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, even in Las Vegas.

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